Welcome to our new web site

Welcome to our new website. It seems an eternity since our first site was launched and it proved to be a huge boon to the Club in terms of encouraging membership, being able to communicate information about the Club’s activities, and recording items of interest. In short it brought the Club into the 21st century and up to date with modern technology.
But times change and, for reasons outside the Club’s control, the old site became underutilised. As a result it was decided to present a new image to the world and you are now looking at the result.
In addition to the obvious changes in presentation we have removed our Facebook and Forum pages, in essence, and disappointingly, because despite our best efforts they were not being used. In an attempt to make our new site more interesting in terms of day to day information however we have revised the News section, allowing more contributors to take part, and we have made it interactive such that readers can add their own comments and observations. Readers can also categorise news items, so, for example, anyone just wishing to see match information, or items relating to wildlife for example, can do so. To help keep the News section up to date and interesting we would welcome input from members. We have also up dated the Gallery, removing most of the old images, and would like to include new ones if anyone has any, as a result.
Overall we believe this new site is much more accessible and user friendly. We hope that you like what you see and find it interesting and useful. Please let us know.