Carp Pond improvements have begun

Experts reported that the the large number of leaves entering the Carp Pond from the many trees that surround it would be adversely affecting water quality by acidifying the silt, adding unwanted detritus, and generally creating a hostile environment for optimum fish growth. They recommended that a number be removed.

Acting upon this recommendation a programme of work was agreed which would remove as many trees as possible without leaving the water looking barren. To this end more than half the large alders on the stream side have been removed and plans are in place to deal with the hillside bank within the coming weeks. As soon as this work is completed the pond will be treated with Siltex, an extremely fine chalk, which will help neutralise the silt, and help micro-organisms break down the detritus, and in doing so improve both thewater quality and food chain for both fish and other aquatic creatures.