This delightful little pond has approximately 15 pegs, and is stocked with crucian carp, perch, roach, rudd, tench and some skimmers.

The average depth is a comfortable 5 feet, see diagram below, and and there are features such as the lilies, flag irises, bulrushes and the fish refuge. The refuges are found on most of the ponds and were introduced after the ponds suffered heavily from cormorant predation about fourteen years ago. They consist of floating rafts that can support aquatic plant life which provide cover for the fish when cormorants are about (we have a current Natural England permit to shoot some of these birds as a deterrent).

Although the New Pond provides easy fishing for novices to learn or practice on it also contains some excellent tench to 6lbs and an odd double figure carp so there is plenty for all.

For those unable to walk far there is a car park on the bank!

New Pond
New Pond

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