Once a fishery containing a variety of species a leak which developed in 2014 necessitated removing all the stock and draining the fishery and gave the Club the opportunity to develope the water just as crucian carp, tench and rudd fishery. The decision to do this was based on the fact that these three species are extremely popular with silver fish anglers but, as fisheries stock carp, carp and more carp, waters containing these species are in short supply. But there is more to it than that. Roach, bream and perch have deliberately not been added. Rudd prosper in the absence of roach which tend to dominate and the very best rudd fisheries are usually roach free. Similarly crucians take a back seat to most species, perch and other predators love to eat them, (I don’t know why), and roach and bream especially bully these timid feeders to the extent that their numbers and size suffer as a result. Tench too suffer from bream, but not to the same extent, but fortunately these three species live quite well together and seem to prosper.

Already after only three years since it was stocked the water is now showing signs its development with tench from 8ozs to 5+lbs, lots of crucians to 1lbs and litterally thousands of small rudd, but some to 2lbs, being caught.

The pegs at the top end of the pond are shallow, at perhaps only 3 feet deep. At the far, dam wall end the depth reaches 8/9 feet, and typically these pegs fish better in the winter. Indeed, all of the ponds are deeper at the dam ends. It also shares a car park with the Great Pond.

Kingfisher Pond
Kingfisher Pond

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