This is the largest of the ponds at almost 3 acres and has some 37 pegs. The stock in this pond is similar to that in the other silver fish waters, with lots of ide and skimmer bream, some going to 4lbs, tench to over 6lbs, perch to 4lbs, roach and crucian carp to 11/2lbs and plenty of rudd. There are also a few large carp some 20lbs plus. All methods have been shown to work in this pond and all baits, maggots, casters, pellets, bread etc have their day.

This pond is used for the club matches and on any particular day several species and methods can win, but best of all is that there are so many pegs that can win too, and the backing weights are usually within a pound or two of the winner.

The photograph above shows the view looking down the Great Pond towards the dam wall. As you can see, there are a whole series of fish refuges along the spine of this pond, and some matches are won fishing the feeder close to them, but others are won on the pole, usually with caster or pellet.

The shallowest water can be found at the smallest and highest peg numbers, 58 and 95 which is opposite, and is about 6 feet deep. At the dam wall, mid 70 peg numbers, the depth is nearer to 9 feet.
Pleasure anglers regularly make 40 to 50 pounds catches. A car park is alongside.

Great Pond
Great Pond

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