The Alliance has two lengths of canal, one at Kilnhurst and the other at Mexborough. Kilnhurst has over 70 pegs and a further unpegged length, ‘the barges’, reserved for pleasure anglers. Access is via Wharf Road or Carlisle Street (through a locked gate at the barges). There is ample secure parking with the ability to park behind the pegs at both ends of the Kilnhurst length.

The ‘Navi’ is a serious canal, some 40 metres wide in places with depths of up to 12 feet, and it offers some excellent fishing. Gudgeon and roach predominate with the latter going to 1½lbs, but bream are present, particularly at Croda where fish are regularly caught at 3lbs. Perch, chub and dace are also present.

Pole fishing is the most popular method but waggler and feeder can prove successful for those brave enough to try them.

The stretch at Mexborough is similar to that at Kilnhurst with the main access via Station Road which crosses the middle of the length. Pegging here brings the total available to 152. Bloodworm and joker fishing is allowed on this length from October until April making it ideal for winter matches.

Matches can be booked on both lengths, ring Ray Howitt, 01709 585014 for details.

SY Nav Canal

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