This pond has been redeveloped over the past few years, and we now have a 27 peg pond stocked with lots of small carp, crucians, roach, rudd, skimmers, tench and perch to a high stock density, which is producing lots of double figure bags.

Pond depths vary from 3 feet, where the stream runs in to almost 6 feet where it leaves.

Two of the favourite methods are the pole, or if no-one is fishing the far bank a small feeder thrown across. While maggot and caster catch roach, rudd and perch, the carp favour pellets, sweetcorn or meat.

After the 2007 floods we had an additional population of larger exotic carp in this pond. We chose to have these removed and replaced with a stock of smaller carp. 250 of these were initialy stocked in January 2008 and have been supplemented since with a further 500 fish being added in 2015.

There is a car park within yards of the East bank with adjoining multisex toilet while the bridge gives access to the opposite side.

Bridge Pond
Bridge Pond

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