Disabled facilities put in place at Bircliffe

Bircliffe is a pond that is often overlooked by many anglers which is a pity because this last year, along with the other waters, this pond has fished really well with double figure nets of tench falling to those prepared to fish for them.

Many just like to simply park in the adjoining carp park and fish almost straight out of the car but in doing so miss some of the best pegs further down the pond. Because of the terrain, others who are lessable, find it difficult to take full advantage of all the pegs on the pond. In an attempt to make reaching these easier, especially for those with disabilities, therefore, we asked our friends at the South Yorkshire Community Rehabilitation Unit to put a new footpath in place for us which will run from the carp park directly along the bank to the farthest pegs. This work has now been completed together with some general site and car park improvements and is available for use by all