The great rod licence debate

I see in the media that the Environment Agency and the Angling Trust are looking at a new rod licence regime for 2016. Items under discussion will include raising the age that juniors need a licence (it’s now 12 years old) to try to encourage youngsters into the sport and looking at how best to meet specimen anglers requirements for up to three rods (they currently need two licenses effectivley covering four rods).
What ever the outcome it is plain to me that the Agency will look to reoup the same income (and probably try to increase it) that they do now which means there is unlkely to be any saving for specimen anglers and ‘we’ will have to pay more if the age for junior licences is increased, note……’any changes must not reduce the funds available to the EA for the restocking of waters, tackling fish health issues and delivering fisheries improvement and habitat restoration works, particularly at a time when the government is cutting grant funding to the Agency.’

If you have a view, let us know below