Monster carp best of a string of good catches


Jimmy Evans with Flipper at 26lbs 4ozs

Still not a lot of news from our carp anglers other than following on from a 24lbs fish being caught by an unknown captor, Jimmy Evans who caught the largest fish during last year with a 23lbs+ mirror, has now raised the bar even higher this time with a 26lbs 4ozs common, known as ‘Flipper’ . Away from the Carp Pond however Fred O’nion caught 5 carp in the Bridge Pond and Graham Higgins landed two, one 11lbs, the other 8lbs, from Bircliffe.

On the silverfish front someone caught a huge rudd in the Carp Pond fishing potatoes, which is reminiscent of Dick Walker’s days, and Mick Hospodyniuk had a 100+ catch from one of the ‘park behind your peg’ pegs on the Don.
And the Tuesday Evening Matches have now finished with some of the best weights, albeit with low turn outs, ever recorded. Soon the Winter League will be starting. All the details can be seen on the Match page.