Owling sucess

Away from the water the Club has had a report from Bryn Roberts, who together with colleagues keeps an eye on the wildlife in the Park. And Bryn’s specific interest is birds. Rather than para phrase his comments they are attached below.
“For the past four years I have had the pleasure of monitoring the population of the Tawny Owl species during the breeding season at Ravenfield. This year I am pleased to report that there have been two pairs which have successfully bred, one pair raising three chicks and the other two. This shows that the woods have an abundance of wild life to support the adults and their young.
Last year one pair bred two chicks too, even though in many other local areas the Tawny Owl breeding programme had many failures due to various reasons including a lack of suitable nesting sites, the weather, and limited food supply.
My regular visits to the woods to monitor various species also indicate a higher success rate than some of the similar areas locally. I look forward to continuing to monitor the bird population in the future at Ravenfield.”


Taken by Christopher Tyler
Picture above shows a 40 plus days old Tawny Owl at Ravenfield Ponds