Croda access to be shut but don’t worry

Many of you will be aware that the planning application granted to Gleeson to build houses on the old Croda site also allows the company to close all access to the site.

Recently signs have been erected notifying closure of the towpath at Croda and the footpath through to Swinton Bridge.

As a result the public will no longer be allowed to access the canal bank or the riverside from Carlisle St.

Kilnhurst and District Angling Alliance have met with the site owners and agreed both pedestrian and vehicular access for anglers wanting to fish the canal or the river.

During working hours lorries and traffic will be continuously crossing the road from one side to the other presenting a potential hazard in terms of an accident. Because of this anglers are asked to ring the telephone number on the gate to gain access. They may be asked to produce their membership books. Outside working hours anglers will be able to gain access using their Kilnhurst key, but must lock all gates behind them, as normal.

There will be times when it will be necessary to close the site altogether for health and safety reasons and no-one other than site operatives will be allowed access. These times will be posted at the gate with as much notice as possible.

We are fortunate in being able to reach this agreement and your co-operation in working to these rules is vital. Remember this is an operational site, drive carefully, and if you see any unusual activity outside working hours please report the matter immediately. Numbers are in your membership book.