Road and car park improvements

Temperatures were below zero and all the ponds were frozen over, a good time to be doing something useful at the fishery. That was the view of a group of volunteers that spend a full day improving both car parking areas and the road way.

The first task was to move a pile of rubble in the New Pond car park and spread it in the boggy area at the entrance. The planings in the Carp Pond car park were then moved and spread on top of the rubble to provide not only a good dry area but also extra parking in both car parks.


The next job was to improve the access road to Bircliffe Pond. A JCB was used to flatten the area prior to covering it with planings from the Gt. Pond car park.


Finally planings were also applied to areas of the Bridge Pond and Gt Pond car parks and parts of the road.