Best match results ever

The Club has experienced its best match weights ever this summer with record catches being taken on a number of occasions and with the best ever winning weight, and one thought impossible to achieve even just three or four years ago, of 51lbs 2ozs, being taken by Stuart Senior in one of the Wednesday competitions. But it didn’t end there. Three matches were won with more than 40lbs and two with more than 30lbs. The fact that there were fourteen, yes fourteen, weights of more than 20lbs, most of which were of the order of 27/28lbs, also goes to prove just what a marvellous season it has, and continues to be.

Of course as the days pull in and it generally gets colder we can’t expect such success to last. But who knows, the Winter League Series began just last weekend and 25lbs was needed to win that. The message for all match men is to make the best of it while it lasts.

The picture shows Stuart Senior with part of one of his match winning catches.