Kingfisher is King

The Kingfisher pond remains an enigma and is going from strength to strength.
The long cold spring had a positive effect upon holding weed growth back with the result that for the first part of spring and early summer the pond kept a nice tinge of colour and there were some truly excellent catches. However the onset of the cracking hot weather brought the Canadian Pond weed back with a vengeance with the result that weed cutting exercises were brought into action using cutters designed and manufactured by club members specifically for the job. This again resulted in some tremendous nets for those prepared to forgo maggots in favour of sweet corn or pellets. One angler Chris Lawson cracked it catching over 100 Crucian and Tench in one session, only fishing a top four from the dam wall. Mike Stott has also done well catching plenty of gold and green bars.

Interestingly during our weed cutting exercises tiny Crucian carp were found by the dozen amongst the weed we dragged out. In addition to this our friends from Calverton brought us around 100,000 tench fry. This, taken together with a long hot summer guarantees another bumper crop of Crucian, Tench and presumably Rudd for the future.

Some of the Tench now average 3-4lb and 1.5lbs Crucian are not uncommon and the multitude of small Rudd can be great sport fishing a whip to hand and are a great starter for the young anglers to get them away from the Xbox to the tackle box. And bigger Rudd is now showing too but big baits are required.
Pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and paste are the key to a net full of fish so please don’t be put off by the weed ….. Once you’re on the bottom your fishing day will be filled with red, green and gold.