Carp Pond improvements begining to show

Following problems with stocks three years ago the club promised to return the Carp Pond to its’ former self with further plans to make it one of the best ponds in the area. The first stage last winter saw the pond receive a double treatment of Silted, which consists of micron sized chalk particles, applied from a boat to ensure a good dispersion. The first thing we noticed as a result was that the water turned a milky colour and in doing so helped, by shading, limit the amount of hornwort, that with the hot weather would have normally grown profusely. The plan for using Siltex is to improve water quality and control the amount and chemistry of the silt on the bottom whilst in doing so increasing biodiversity and improving the quantity and extent of the fishes’ food chain.

It’s early days yet but it seems that the plan is working because the problems have ceased and our fish appear to be coming along fine again with more than 50 regularly being seen at any one time and 20+lbs fish being caught in numbers again.

Further plans are being drawn up following discussions with Environment Agency and fishery experts which will include more Silted treatments in the coming months.

One angler who is no stranger to 20+lbs Ravenfield fish, David Leggett is pictured.