Two weeks ago two swans came to the Park, one of which had a broken wing. How it happened no-one knows but it’s safe to presume that it occurred on arrival, since it is hardly likely to have walked. With the ponds being frozen the birds were confined to small areas of water that were clear and it didn’t take long for one to leave presumably as a result. Fortunately Keith and another visitor kept supplying the injured bird with food until we could find it help. And what a job that was. Initial contact with a swan rescue centre resulted in many promises of action over more than one week but nothing resulted. The next call was to the RSPB to see if they could point us in the right direction. That call received the curt response ‘We are an environmental organisation not a bird rescue service’, so now we know! They did suggest we called a wildlife rescue service in Sheffield, who believe it or not suggested it be taken to a vet! In desperation we called the RSPCA who arrived the following morning, caught the bird and took it away without any fuss, to either be resuscitated or put down as appropriate.


The photo shows Keith with the injured bird, comfortable in its safety jacket.

PS one week later two more birds arrived, a male and a female.