Specimens………well almost


Perhaps it is the hot weather, perhaps it’s that the fish are now having their diets supplemented, maybe it is something we don’t yet understand but specimen sized fish of all species have begun appearing this year. Out of the blue I’ve lost count of the number of anglers reporting catching big tench, and by big I mean 5lbs plus, not national size specimens but hey we’re in South Yorkshire where tench in general are like rocking horse teeth.

And it’s not just tench I’ve had a perch of 2lbs 9ozs, which come next Spring will be a good 3lbs plus maybe 31/2lbs.

A good friend of mine has caught any number of roach bigger than 1lb with his two best weighing in at 1lbs 9ozs from the Bridge Pond and 1lb 10ozs from Bircliffe, and these were roach not ide! I’ve also had reports from very experienced anglers, but not witnessed, roach being caugh over 2lbs from the Gt. Pond . And these really are fish of a lifetime.

Rudd too have played their part, the ones in the Bridge Pond are all chunky things and I know to two being weighed together for more than 3lbs.