Match record falls

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Match results at the Ponds this year have mirrored some excellent pleasure fishing catches but none moreso than Mick Barry’s catches in the last two Tuesday Evening events. While catches generally in these matches have been well above average Mick has topped them all with a 36lbs winning weight in the next to the last match (pretty good for 3 hours silver fishing) and followed that by a record beating 42lbs 12ozs in the last event, beating the previous best catch by some 5lbs plus.

But Mick’s hasn’t been alone in getting among the fish, 20lbs nets are now common place and 30lbs is well achievable. For example in the last match Trevor Parkin weighed 31lbs for second place, Stuart Senior 30lbs 12ozs for third and Derek Jackson 30lbs 4ozs for fourth. Numbers like that are in line, if not better, than some 5 hour club results from the carp puddles and there are a lot more bites involved at Ravenfield and the other bonus is that you never know what will be at the end of the line!