Our weed campaign has begun

During the last week trials to get on top of the excessive weed in the Carp Pond began. Initially the Carp Pond was netted and a number of small perch relocated to another water. The reason for this was three fold. First perch, unlike other cyprinids don’t eat weed or feed on the bottom disturbing its growth, second they eat the fry of other fish that do, and finally removing the perch made way for other fish, namely bream to be added to take their place.


While it is appreciated that bream are possibly not a carp anglers favourite fish, they are good at bottom feeding, disturbing weed and hopefully helping to shade it out by putting colour in the water. However the effect is unlikely to be immediate, but as their numbers increase after spawning, the situation should improve. And if/when they become a nuisance they can be thinned out as roach and perch have been previously. And there is another bonus, bream are a much more valuable commodity than either of the other two.