Bridge Pond reshuffle

When the Bridge pond as we now know it was extended some six years or so ago, a number of small carp were added to make it similar to a small commercial match fishery. At the time it was agreed that as soon as those fish grew to be too big to catch on ‘normal’ tackle that they would be removed and replaced with small fish again.

Since then a number of things have happened. 2007 saw the floods in S.Yorkshire and water swept down the valley and through the ponds, no doubt removing some of those fish as it did so. However it also brought an unexpected bonus in the form of a number of larger carp from Firsby. These were removed in 2008 and replaced.

In the meantime some of these fish have also grown, and therefore the largest of these, together with odd ones from the original stocking which had reached double figures, were removed this week prior to being replaced again with smaller carp. These new fish will be arriving in the next few weeks and details will be posted on the site.