Gt. Pond benefits from Carp Pond netting

Four years ago the Gt. Pond benefitted when the Carp Pond was netted to remove unwanted silver fish in order to provide more natural food for the carp to allow them to grow and prosper. At that time around 800lbs of silvers were removed and placed in the Gt. Pond. Subsequently no effort was made to supplementary feed this massive introduction and it is likely therefore that the benefit was lost.

Two years ago a further 500lbs of predominatly roach were stocked from Firsby Reservoir and since that time some supplementary feed has been added, and if the catches in the matches are anything to go by, the fishing has certainly improved.


Just last week the Carp Pond was netted again and some 400lbs of predominantly roach, like the ones above, with some perch were again transferred to the Gt. Pond with hundreds of rudd being moved to the Kinfisher. (More info’ in the following post)