Filming at Ravenfield

After much discussion an agreement was reached with Open Palm Films Ltd to film part of their latest production at the Park. Called ‘Pond Life’ it was directed by Bill Buckhurst (‘Sweeney Todd’ on Broadway) and adapted by playwright Richard Cameron from his play of the same name. (Richard we understand once lived in Maltby). Set in a quiet mining village near Doncaster in 1994, the story follows a group of young friends who embark on a night-time fishing expedition that none of them will ever forget.

Thanks should go to the carp anglers who forfeited five days fishing to allow filming to take place and to Keith and Chef, the latter of whom helped with tackle and ‘know how’ advising on fishy matters, at times in the middle of the night in the pouring rain!

It will be some time before all the editing is completed and the film released. We’ll advise progess as soon as it’s known.