A bumper year for match results

One can never be sure but it seems like our supplementary feeding exercise is beginning to show results, on the Great Pond at least. This year’s match results from the Pond are the best in living memory. As early as April things were beginning to look good with Trevor Parkin winning one match with 24lbs plus, but soon 20lbs winning weights were to become the order of the day with Dave Lawton finishing the month with a winning 21lbs plus. And the trend has continued, Owen Browne won in June with 22lbs 8ozs, while Neil Gabbitas went one better with a winning weight of 30lbs 4ozs on a day when 20lbs was needed to make the top six!

Needless to say the Tuesday evening matches, although poorly attended, throw up some mega weights, the best, some 45lbs, being caught by Derek Jackson. One can only wonder why more anglers don’t fish these events.