Baker’s narrowly misses disaster

Baker’s narrowly missed a serious pollution on Friday when a high speed train collided with a wood chipper on the main line above the pond. The train was reportedly travelling at 70 m.p.h and the incident burst two or three of the train’s diesel tanks distibuting approximately 4 tonnes of diesel along the track. Police, the Environment Agency, and a clean up team were soon on the scene and the whole area, including the Anklebreaker, was closed down.
The Agency were worried that the spring which feeds the pond which runs under the line, or a land drain which runs from Highthorne road, under the line, and discharges on the railway embankment, could pick up deisel and discharge it into the pond.
At the time of writing Baker’s looks OK but anglers are asked to be vigilant over the next 3 weeks and report any problems they may see to the Agency on 0800 807060.