Tesco bonus

Some months ago the Club applied to Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme seeking help with funding to repair the network of footpaths in the Park and to extend the stock pond which was selected to breed red list species crucian carp by the National Crucian Conservation Project. We were lucky and our proposal was selected to  be put forward as one of three projects which were voted on by Tesco customers in store. And while we were not lucky enough to win the first prize of £12,000 we did manage the third place and the £8000 prize that accompanies it.

We then approached and were lucky to receive the services of the Community Payback Scheme in delivering the many aspects of the project, which include clearing, widening and draining long stretches of pathway, rebuilding an ancient stone bridge dating back to the 1600’s, cleaning and replacing where neccessary two extensive sleeper steps networks, re-routing and re-establishing new stretches of pathway, and removing and replacing sections of fencing.

The work is now well underway in all aspects and the photographs below give some indication of how far the project has progressed.



Volunteers cleared the area belwo the tip prior to starting


Mechanical help was sought to extend the pond and clear the area


Taking shape



Vegetation cleared, vista improved and the pond extended.


Steps at the entrance to the footpath cleared.


Work on the new path belwo the tip commences.


The old bridge much in need of attention


And looking much better

Much still remains to be done and will be covered in a future post.