Match record smashed again

Match records have been falling like rain at the ponds this summer. Not so many weeks ago Barry Heappey set a new five hour record with a 35lbs 3ozs net of bream and tench to the pellet feeder from the Gt. Pond peg 80.

Soon after Mark Jackson broke the three hour match record with a 24lbs 12ozs net to the pole and pellet feeder at peg 66.

And now £500 match winner Mark Glossop has gone one further and broken both records in a three hour Tuesday evening match weighing 37lbs 14ozs, a catch which included five tench and some bream to 3lbs, and was despite Mark losing another large Tench and being broken twice! And the catch was made from the little if ever pegged, but one time most favoured peg on the complex, number 58.