It was hard work…….


The recent snow and high winds caused a great deal of damage to trees in the Park with large number falling into the Ponds or across footpaths.  (And this weekend’s winds may do even more damage!) As a result a team of nine volunteers, essentially ‘the committee’, spent up to three days last week clearing trees from pathways and cutting back overhanging trees and vegetation around the ponds including the Carp, Great, Kingfisher, and Bircliffe.

In addition the banks of the ‘new’ stock pond were cleared, (see photo), as were low hanging branches on Bircliffe Pond to facilitate netting and enable the Kingfisher Pond to be restocked as soon as it is repaired and refilled.


During the exercise members of the working party, who’s average age must be ~70 years, were also able to salvage a plaque which was erected following the re-establishment of Bircliffe Pond and its associated sluice during the 1980’s. The plaque was erected as part of the refurbishment of the ancient sluice, but broken off by vandals and had lain in the silt at the bottom of the overflow since then. It is the intention to resite it sometime in the near future.

The coming months are going to be a busy time for the club, repairing the Kingfisher Pond, netting Bircliffe, and both stock ponds to facilitate restocking, and also netting the Carp pond to remove ‘unwanted silver fish’. As a result we are looking for volunteers who are prepared to help. If you can please get in touch via the ‘Contact us’ button.