Hydro unit is up and running

The hydro power unit which was planned for Thrybergh Weir, and the first project of its kind in Yorkshire, is now completed and is generating electricity. It is one of just a handful of large low-head hydropower (LHHP) developments in the country that are the first to be built since the 1920s.

Using twin ‘Archimedes screw’ turbines, it will extract power from the river Don and supply sufficient electricity for 300 homes in perpetuity.

The unit is also fitted with a fish pass and an eel pass to allow the movement of both coarse and migratory fish access up the river and the old salmon pass, near the opposite bank, has also been converted to allow fish easy access back downstream again.

The pictures below are the business end, the screws, which rotate to generate power.



Firther information can be seen at www.dropbox.com/s/ousossif…/Thrybergh%20Opening%20FINAL.mpg…