Gt. Pond carp

As part of a plan to boost stocks in both the Carp and Gt. Ponds carp anglers have been invited to fish the Gt. Pond at Ravenfield throughout March. Under normal circumstances carp anglers are allowed to fish in the autumn, but for a number of reasons this did not happen. Numbers of big fish however have been seen in the Gt. Pond where they remain uncaught by anglers using conventional methods and take up food which could be better utilised by other species. One fish which was caught had 13 small hooks with fine line attached to it. As a result any big fish that are caught will be transferred under supervision to the carp pond.
In return and to maintain food supplies for carp in the Carp Lake, this water will be netted and silver fish removed and transferred to the Gt. Pond.
The picture shows Terry Littlewood with a 20lbs 8ozs fish caught last year in the Gt. Pond. The fish had probably never been caught before and would eat enough food feed the same weight of roach, bream, tench or crucians.

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