Get Hooked on Fishing visit

When Mick Watson began working on his ideas for Get Hooked on Fishing he visited Ravenfield and held meetings with club representatives to explain what he was doing. That seems a long time ago now and Get Hooked is now a household name, has some marvellous facilities in Whitton Park and is establishing more throughout the country. In that time Mick has always extended an invitation to our club to visit and see what they’re up to.

For a variety of reasons that hasn’t happened until this now, when as ideas for the junior section are starting to be formed, it seemed like perfect timing. And so four of our committee travelled north and spent a day looking at all the facilities, (and what facilities they are ), and talking to Mick et al. about how they’ve set things up, how they operate and the do’s and don’t’s of being successful.

The picture below shows Mick explaining some points to the group.