Baker’s treatment begun

This week members of the Kilnhurst and District AA committee spent a day looking like flour graders as they successfully introduced three tonnes of chalk dust into Baker’s Pond. The extremely fine chalk powder was delivered in 120 x 25kg bags which were spread over the whole of the pond from a boat. The operation involved carefully pouring it from the boat such that it was evenly distributed by the propellor of the boat’s motor.

The aim of the exercise is to improve the fishery using the chalk to modify the silt which has occured in the pond over many years, maybe centuries. With time accumulations of silt build up naturally, forming a deep acidic deposite on the bottom. The chalk neutralises the silt making it more alkaline, improving the action of bacteria, which in turn provides more food for fish and gradually increases the pond’s depth by breaking down organic matter. A further treatment will be applied next winter. The photo shows Dave and Dennis adding chalk.